Housewarming / Vastushanti/ Griha Pravesh


VastuShanti is performed by Hindu people when they buy new house. VastuShanti is based on ancient science Vaastu Shastra(science).  Vaas means  to live/ stay/ dwell.  Vaastu means dwelling of humans and gods together.

Vastu Shanti is a pooja vidhi done for worship of Gods and deity of directions as well as Panchbhoot (five basic elements of nature). The Panchbhoot are – Aakash(Sky), Vaayu(Wind), Paani(Water), Agni(Fire) and Pruthavi(Earth). The Vastu Shanti is performed to correct some of the Vastu dosha(defects) that may exist in the land or house or building.

Vastu Shanti is chanting of special mantras that includes Hom Havan. It is an elaborate pooja vidhi that may take about half of day.

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Gruh Pravesh/ Griha Pravesh

Gruh Pravesh means first entry into your new house. It is done before moving into your new house hold. It is considered as auspicious beginning of life in the new house. As per tradition, it is celebrated with Pooja and Hom-Havan

This Gruh Pravesh event is celebrated with inviting relatives and friends for Pooja and food. Invite now using Gruh Pravesh Invitations


A housewarming party is thrown usually after moving to new house, or sometimes after renovation of the house. The hosts show their new home to friends and family, followed by a feast. The guests bring gifts for host to decorate their new home.

In India, this ceremony is called Griha Pavesh/Gruh Pravesh.

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